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the idea of BeingMarwadi

March 26, 2012

Hie.! Born into a Marwadi family in late 80’s, i grew up in a joint family. A family full of relatives cousins and siblings. For me the world was only my family and that too full of orthodox traditions until i went out for higher education. I’m into my mid 20’s and my family elders just want to get me married & that too with a girl of their choice. I would run away from my place if this would materialize. LoL.! was kidding. I would love to do that but i won’t. Because of the burden of being marwadi, carrying family’s name and respect of family members into the ‘Samaj’.

Tear rolls down my eye.. As i remember some part of my past life..

MY dad used to go early to work and come back home late at night mostly after i slept. The very reason for it my mom would tell me is that ‘ki beta papa ne naya business start kiya hai.. Kaam khatam kite nina kaise ayenge‘. This went on till i was in class 7 or 8. I always used to miss m dad’s company and his presence particularly when other siblings in the family used to go out with their parents i used to stay home and wait for dad to come home early. I always used to feel that my younger cousin, X  dominated me because his dad i.e. my uncle would come home early and take him out for a ride, teach him, spent some nice time with his son. I always felt alienated in their company. They aways used to say bad things about me and ignore a 5 year child. What harm can a 5 year child do? Also, his father would help him with his home work, which of course my father would never find time for it, and today after 20 years result can be seen clearly he is good in studies with a better developed brain than mine. 😉

Also, it would be bad on my part to say this, but yes, i will say it that I don’t have any good memory with my aunt (X’s mom). She is still a BITCH. She still always keeps on asking ‘Kya kar rate ho naya aajkal.. ‘ and never tell anything what her son is doing. All i still remember is the beating i got sometimes when i had a fight with X. MY mom never hit X despite if fights.

My mom got her education from a Hindi medium school and never went to any college. and so her education wouldn’t help me much into my studies. But she’s my mom and i love her for the sacrifices she has made so that we can live happily and all the care that she has taken. Love you mom.!

At this point in my life.. i have just started working by joining my dad’s business and that too without any salary. 😉 If i get married now how will i feed my family.? how will i feed my child.? If i get married now my family members would pressurize me to have a child within one year of getting married coz this is how i early i came into this world. I want to give my child the best of the best’s in this world. Also, there are other some issues that haunt me till this date which makes me avoid this entire idea of marriage..


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